Admissions for the Design Computation Dual Master of Science in Architecture/Master of Science in Computer Science or Information Technology Dual Degree

School of Architecture Admissions Information + FAQs

Admissions Committee 

Admissions to the Dual Degree will be evaluated beginning January 15, 2019,  though applications will be considered throughout the Spring semester, until August 1. For full consideration for financial support submit your application as soon as possible in the Spring semester.  Contact the chair of the admissions committee directly for any questions concerning admissions requirements, deadlines, and financial support.

Students are admitted to this program upon recommendation of a joint admissions committee of faculty from Architecture, Computer Science and SIS. Admitted students are expected to complete all coursework outlined above to receive both degrees. Upon successful completion of all requirements, students will receive the Master of Science in Architecture degree and the Master of Science in Computer Science or Master of Information Technology degree.

Research Assistantships and other forms of financial support for students are available. The admission committee will recommend eligibility for financial support.

Admission to the dual degree program requires either a degree in architecture or a related design discipline or an undergraduate degree in computer science, information technology or a related discipline

Students admitted to the program will have the option to work toward the Master of Computer Science or the Master of Information Technology degrees. More information about these degrees can be found on the websites for Computer Science and SIS. Applicants can contact the chair of the admissions committee directly for more information about satisfying the computing admissions requirements.

Software and Information Systems (IT) option:

Students with an undergraduate background in Design should apply to the IT option.  
Students applying to the IT option must have one of the following:

  1. A summer programming course (boot camp) offered by CCI, or
  2. An introductory programming course as part of a Bachelor's degree, or
  3. A certificate in a programming course offered online that is approved by the admission committee for the dual degree program.

Computer Science option:

Students applying to the Computer Science option are expected to have knowledge of two higher programming languages, data structures, operating systems or computer architecture, and an additional upper-level computing course. Also, knowledge of calculus, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra is strongly recommended. Work experience at a professional level in the computer industry or satisfactory completion of the Advanced GRE in Computer Science may be substituted for some or all of the subject area admission requirements, subject to review by the joint admissions committee. 

A. Application to UNC Charlotte Graduate Admissions

Submit the following application package to the UNC Charlotte Office of Graduate Admissions:

  1. Online Graduate School Application available from the UNC Charlotte Office of Graduate Admissions and Application Fee.
  2. Official transcripts from all previous college-level institution(s) to UNC Charlotte Office of Graduate Admissions
  3. Official GRE (and TOEFL if applicable) test scores
  4. Statement of Purpose that explains your reasons for wanting to be admitted to the Design + Computation Dual Degree Program- Please include examples of work completed at the intersection of design + computation.
  5. Three recommendations from persons familiar with the applicant's personal and professional qualifications

B. Application to the Dual Degree

Submit the following application package to the Dual Degree Admissions Committee:

  1. Resume that includes educational and professional experience
  2. Digital portfolio of design/creative work. Applicants should submit examples of their previous work. This could include writing (such as papers, articles, etc.) creative work (art, photography, etc.) or anything else that will give the review committee a sense of accomplishment and creative aptitude.

The application package can be sent via email to the Admission Chair. In case your portfolio size is too large send a link to a dropbox zip file.

Review of completed applications for the Master of Science in Architecture/Master of Science in Computer Science or Information Technology Dual Degree program will begin January 15th. The committee must receive your application to both the University (A.) as well as the submitted package specific to the Dual Degree (B.) before consideration for admission can begin.

Note: Other programs within the School of Architecture are accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board, but the Master of Science in Architecture degree program, because of its research focus, is not an accredited program and can not lead to licensure as a registered architect. Students can also enroll in both the Professional Masters of Architecture and the Design Computation program please contact the Coordinator for more details on this course of study